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This Week

[Weekly Beacon] - Russian State Hackers Changed The Game

This week more news is surrounding the shift in Russia's nation-state hacking machine, on another note, Russia is saying it has uncovered massive cyberattack plans against the country's financial system, Mirai botnet has struck again with a siege affecting Post Office and TalkTalk customers, worldwide computer hacking is now easier for the FBI with the changes introduced to Rule 41, and more!

Past Weeks

[Weekly Beacon] - US Government Releases New IoT Security Guidance

This week DHS and NIST released guidance documents designed to improve Internet of Things security, a recruitment site scraped user data from GitHub and leaked it through a misconfigured MongoDB database, a newly observed piece of ransom

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[Weekly Beacon] - Mirai Botnet Takes Down Internet in Liberia

This week Mirai botnet has recently fueled major DDoS attacks and is now targeting Liberian infrastructure, Task Force is suggesting that the US should prohibit private entities from "hacking back" but empower them with "active defense"

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[Weekly Beacon] - Massive DDoS attack against popular DNS service provider causes a major uproar

This week a massive DDoS attack against popular Domain Name System (DNS) service provider Dyn is causing a major uproar, Weebly and Foursquare are the latest victims of a major data breach that will put them on the "Mega-Breaches" list,

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