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This Week

[Weekly Beacon] - In Security, Know That You Know Nothing

This week a group that used to focus on government targets is now attacking companies too, the storm is still brewing over the DNC breach, new presidential policy directive solidifies federal government policy for cyberattack response, Apple security bug is the latest reason to move beyond passwords, and more!

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Past Weeks

[Weekly Beacon] - Massive DDoS Attacks Becoming the New Normal

This week reports are showing that massive DDoS attacks are becoming the new normal, threats are being made by DDoS attackers against Pokémon Go, government requests for user data are continuing to increase, Cicis Pizza delivers the bad

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[Weekly Beacon] - Chinese Government Suspected of Hacking into FDIC Computers

This week the Chinese government is believed to have hacked into the computers at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Facebook is once again in the midst of fighting a lawsuit, new ransomware is taking money and deleting files any

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[Weekly Beacon] - Apple backdoor malware steals the keys to your kingdom

This week a recent arrival on the ransomware scene shares similarities with the well-known Locky malware, a new malware tailored for Apple Mac systems opens a backdoor giving full reign over your machine, the European Union has now passe

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