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This Week

[Weekly Beacon] - LinkedIn is Latest Contributor to Breach Fatigue

This week we're continuing to be reminded of the importance of changing passwords from LinkedIn's massive data breach, the hospital that was hit by ransomware is facing second pay-up demand, a smaller group of the Anonymous hackers are using their hacking skills and and stock market knowledge to make a difference in another way, and more!

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Past Weeks

[Weekly Beacon] - As the phish, we all need to recognize the baited hook

This week (users beware) we're being reminded that phishing isn't going away, the top three ransomware target countries have been listed, hacker GhostShell is back and leaking data, a click-fraud botnet now infects almost one million com

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[Weekly Beacon] - Second SWIFT Attack Showing Connection To Sony Hack

This week Twitter moves itself away from American intelligence services, second SWIFT attack hits Vietnam bank and shows signs of being connected to the Sony hack, Congress dumps Yahoo due to inefficiency in preventing phishing, UserVoic

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[Weekly Beacon] - Law Affords More Protection to PINs Than Prints

This week 10-year-old hacks Instagram and gets big reward from Facebook, a couple major DDoS attacks target banks, the discussion of what's lawful or not when it comes to the protection of PINs and prints continues, other industries (bes

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