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This Week

[Weekly Beacon] – Privacy Activists Cheer Passage of Email Privacy Act

This week the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Email Privacy Act, pro-ISIS hackers have joined hands to make a new hacking unit to target the West, one extortion group has earned over $100,000 from companies without any evidence it’s capable of the attacks, a nuclear power plan in Germany was infected with malware, Anonymous shut down KKK website, and more.

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Past Weeks

[Weekly Beacon] – A.I. + humans = serious cybersecurity

This week a federal judge from the FISC affirmed the right of the FBI to search American’s emails without a warrant during criminal investigations, the FBI paid at least $1.3 million to get into the San Bernardino phone, China has been r

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[Weekly Beacon] – Badlock Vulnerability Falls Flat Against Its Hype

This week anxiety over the Badlock vulnerability comes to an anticlimactic end, Microsoft sues US over secret demands for data, thousands sign petition against encryption-breaking bill, questions arise about the possibility of the worst

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[Weekly Beacon] – Senate Draft Encryption Bill ‘Ludicrous, Dangerous, Technically Illiterate’

This week a ‘technically illiterate’ encryption bill draft called the “Compliance with Court Orders Act of 2016” leaked online, Trump hotels have been breached again, Romanian national extradited to US on hacking charges, a judge granted

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