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IPS Tuning Methodologies

In most scenarios in life, knowing yourself is always the preferred route to take. For an engineer at Hurricane Labs, to know yourself means to know your customer. We are lucky enough to provide a penetration test service as a company, so we have the ability to get a very detailed view of what products and services are available publicly, and more importantly what is exploitable on these Assets. We fully recommend having the visibility of a network penetration test available to the people responsible for protecting your network. (more…)

HDSI Heartbleed Response

We will update you daily on hosts we’ve seen scanning for Heartbleed here

As you’ve probably read over the last week, a major exploit (how major is being actively debated across the Internet) was discovered in OpenSSL. For those of you that live under a rock or have been otherwise absent from the Internet, the Ubuntu security bulletin summarizes the issue like so: (more…)

Parameterized Classes in Puppet

One of the really nice features of Puppet is the ability to reuse code. You can define a class which is really just a chunk of code that can be reused throughout your Puppet environment. This works well for situations where code needs to be applied across your entire environment. However, you will quickly find you need to pass variables or host specific information to a class. Puppet has this ability built-in called Parameterized Classes. (more…)

Splunk HTML Dashboards

If you’ve worked with Splunk at all you’d be pretty familiar with the fact that in the past all the dashboard creation has been done in simple and advanced XML modes. Since Splunk 6, there has been a major overhaul of the dashboard system. It works relatively well, but jumping from XML to HTML can be somewhat confusing at first, especially if you need to convert advanced XML layouts to an HTML layout as there does not seem to be any simple way to convert one to another, only simple XML to HTML works automatically. The reason for this is advanced XML, at this point, is really only available for legacy support. (more…)

My Perfect World – HDSI

Hurricane Defense Security Intelligence

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It’s budget time! Your CFO points in your direction and smiles. He gives you carte blanche as far as spending goes because “we simply must not be put in the public eye the way that Target was in 2013”. This has got to be the happiest day of your career. To have full power and control over you and your company’s destiny as far as network and information security is concerned.


Attacking and Defending Full Disk Encryption

Listen to the audio presentation: “Attacking and Defending Full Disk Encryption”

One of the security technologies I have seen gaining popularity over the past several years is full disk encryption (FDE).  While this was initially a tool that was only deployed in limited situations, this technology has grown to mainstream use across a myriad of corporate laptop fleets.In many organizations full disk encryption on mobile devices such as laptop computers is the standard and unencrypted machines have become the exception to the rule.