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At Hurricane Labs, we create a personalized set of solutions that work to monitor and protect clients through our information security services and products. Our values-based philosophy and well-respected reputation are built upon our unique blend of technology, services and people who disrupt the current trend of the IT Security industry to deliver services our clients find refreshing, reliable, and honorable. Contact Us to inquire about any product or service not listed below you are looking for.

Our Products

Network Security

Network Security
Your business’ network is a vital piece to ensuring your company’s success. Unfortunately, it can become burdensome and overly complex and could lead to security holes and data leaks. It is essential to maintain a high level of security in your network. Our team of security engineers offers their expertise on all system and network decisions. We provide assistance with planning, implementation, and deployment to ensure a stable, scalable and more effective network to reduce network security flaws and making your business more efficient.  Read More about our network security services.
Hurricane Defense
Our Hurricane Defense is the ultimate tool in our information security services. Hurricane Defense provides customers with web app security, network security event management and alerting, network uptime and performance monitoring, and penetration testing services. It enables companies to identify host activity and be proactive in security and performance events. The Portal provides a view into your network to help mitigate host and service vulnerabilities and to manage opened, closed, or baselined ports.  You will also be provided with 24×7 support.  Read More about Hurricane Defense
Open Port and Vulnerability Detector
Your systems administrator lights up an unpatched web server without telling neither the network nor security team. Wouldn’t you like to know that web server is there before the bad guys get to hacking it? Wouldn’t you also like to know what types of things it might be vulnerable to? This is the exact problem The Open Port and Vulnerability Detector (OPVD) was designed to solve. It is part of Hurricane Labs’ Continuous Monitoring Service known as Hurricane Defense. OPVD proactively examines your network (internal and external), watch for unknown machines, create vulnerability alerts and more.  Read More about OPVD
Penetration Testing
Many companies in the information security industry offer a turn-key penetration testing solution, or what we like to call ‘smash and grab’, which can oftentimes lead to broken systems and damaged applications with no real solution offered. At Hurricane Labs, we have experienced penetration testers using real world attacks to test the security of your system. Hurricane Labs seeks to assist you in identifying and correcting vulnerabilities. After testing, we provide a concise report containing categorized exploits and available solutions to help mitigate issues uncovered.  Read More about Our Penetration Testing Services
Web Application Security
Every company and organization utilizes web applications both internally and externally. The security of these web apps are vital to the success of any company. Do you know how secure your data is being utilized by these web applications? We specialize in helping organizations lock-down and secure their web applications. We are industry leaders in web application security.  Read More about our Web Application Security Services.
Hurricane Labs Education
Having a trained and knowledgable staff is invaluable when it comes to information security. Hurricane Labs provides top-notch information security training to businesses and organizations for IT professionals, developers, and business leaders. We offer Check Point firewall installation and management training, Splunk analytics and security alerts training, and web app security training. Read More about our information security educational offerings.
There are many file upload solutions out there today, but how many of them ensure the highest level of security available? Supload, our very own secure file upload service, offers 100% reliability in ensuring that your file(s) reach only the designated recipient(s) and no one else.  Read More about Supload
Open Port and Vulnerability Detector
Splunk helps you achieve security intelligence and network visibility like you’ve never had before. Splunk enables not only the alerting of security events, but is a powerful analytical engine to provide deep analysis of threats and network issues.  Read More about Splunk
Check Point
Check Point Software provides customers with uncompromised protection against all types of threats, reduces security complexity and lowers total cost of ownership. As a Check Point Gold Partner, Hurricane Labs has the expertise to license, install, train, monitor, and manage your Check Point system.

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