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You’ve heard all the buzzwords: BIG DATA, SIEM, machine data, and platform for security intelligence. But what does it mean to you? How can BIG DATA be leveraged to help you continually improve and enhance your company’s security program? Enter Splunk and Hurricane Labs!

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How Hurricane Labs and Splunk Work Together


An industry leader in Splunk Managed Services, Hurricane Labs assists your team in maximizing the value of Splunk. We have the experience and expertise to manage your entire Splunk environment, as well as enable security monitoring, incident response, and security intelligence with Splunk.

With over a decade of managed security services experience, our Splunk Security Intelligence service will enable you to surpass typical SIEM reporting and tap into your logs to find anomalies, vulnerabilities, and security events that may have eluded your team in the past.

Hurricane Labs is the only official Splunk partner in North America that can provide licensing, implementation, on-site training, management and security services around Splunk.

Service Models

#1: Managed Splunk

Hurricane Labs does the complete care and feeding of Splunk, including remotely monitoring the health and performance of the Splunk software and operating system on a 24x7x365 basis. We also assist you with searches, alerts, and report creation to maximize the value of Splunk. managed splunk

#2: MANAGED Security

Hurricane Labs can provide a managed SIEM, based on Splunk’s Enterprise Security App, or go beyond traditional SIEM to customized analytics that can help detect and prevent attacks specific to your environment. Hurricane Labs will provide you with the Tier 1 and Tier 2 security monitoring, response, analytics, and remediation steps from our dedicated SOC. In effect, we become your MSSP. managed security

Delivery Methods

In order to best accommodate our clients’ needs, Hurricane Labs delivers our Splunk Managed Services via two methods. Each method seeks to meet your needs and requirements and ensures that we are partnered with your team in a way that fits your organization.

#1: On-Premise

You own the Splunk license and Splunk runs on your hardware at your location. Your logs never leave your location. The alerts from your Splunk environment are sent securely to the Hurricane Labs’ Security Operations Center where they are analyzed and responded to. You will then be contacted by a Hurricane Labs security engineer who will work with you to resolve the incident Splunk On Premise

#2: Cloud

Hurricane Labs’ Cloud service offers all the same great benefits as our On-Premise option. However, this model runs in the Hurricane Labs Cloud using your license. By moving your Splunk Managed Services to the Cloud, you avoid the cost of hardware and maintenance, thereby saving your IT staff time and allowing them to focus on the results from Splunk and not infrastructure itself. Splunk Cloud


Hurricane Labs’ trained Splunk professionals come to you and offer an intensive onsite training course to help get you and your team up and running. We get you the tools and techniques for searching your logs in your own environment to ensure your security personnel spends their time acting on current and relevant threats. Learn More! 

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