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Everyone’s had to send a file at some point during their online life. E-mail is acceptable for smaller items, but it isn’t necessarily the safest method. And most file-sharing services require that both users have accounts, adding unnecessary effort to the entire process. You need something a little more substantial – more reliable – you need a true secure file sharing service. This is where Supload comes in.

How Supload Works

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With Supload, you pick precisely who can reach your transmission and permit them a set amount of downloads. You’re notified as soon as the recipient starts to download – this provides a complete audit trail of the transaction.
Secure File Sharing: Uploads

Strong Encryption

All files and messages are encrypted with the highest level of security, ensuring that no one but the intended recipient reads and receives your transmission.
Secure File Sharing: Google Apps Support

Now with Google Apps Support!

Supload now supports single sign-on via your Google Apps account. Google account owners benefit from faster registration and login times.
Secure File Sharing: Enterprise Features

Enterprise Access

Business users can unlock premium features, including unlimited uploads.

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