9 Benefits of Using a Managed Security Services Provider

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Cybersecurity leaders are under constant pressure to protect their companies from cyber threats with organizational threat awareness continuing to be a key concern. According to research, More than 50% of CISOs feel that their organizations aren’t prepared for an attack.

In addition, managing an entire program internally can take up too much time and money. ComputerWeekly.com states: 

“More than half of the CISOs (57%) believe a lack of resources is holding back an effective security posture, and 63% said they were struggling to recruit the right people.” 

Fortunately, managed security services providers (MSSPs) offer a range of services that can help businesses manage their security more effectively.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the key advantages of using an MSSP!

Benefits of a Managed Security Services Provider

1. Managed Security Services Providers offer comprehensive security coverage

Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) are the best option for businesses who want to be confident in their security infrastructure. Plus, when you partner with an MSSP like Hurricane Labs, we carefully assess your threat landscape and tailor our services accordingly so you can feel secure knowing that we have everything under control.

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2. Around-the-clock 24/7 monitoring by expert security analysts

24/7 monitoring–and staffing–might be too challenging to manage on your own. Plus, security operations that only function during business hours is not enough!

With the help of an MSSP, your business can sleep well at night knowing that your sensitive information is being watched over by experienced security analysts around the clock. Managed services providers have the people, processes, and tools in place to ensure you have continuous protection across your environment. 

Bonus: By taking on the lower level tasks, MSSPs empower teams to focus on larger project areas and get away from being bogged down by the day-to-day. 

3. Managed Security Services Providers have access to cutting-edge expertise and modern security tools–like Splunk!

Stay ahead of the curve with an MSSP on your side. You’ll have access to the latest tools and technologies necessary for keeping your data secure, including security information and event management (SIEM), intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS and IPS), and threat intelligence services all in one place!

Cybersecurity tools can also be expensive and require a lot of time to set up. This is where an MSSP’s expertise and specialized skill sets can help. They have the know-how required for configuration, which means your cybersecurity tool will work better from day 1 without any issues or complications along the way. 

Hurricane Labs specializes in Splunk-powered managed services, including Splunk Enterprise Security as the core of our security operations. Need some help with your Splunk SIEM? Let us know!

4. Managed Security Services Providers handle rapid, real-time incident response

Cyberattacks are happening faster than ever before, and you need a Managed Security Services Provider in place to respond. The average cyber attack happens every 39-44 seconds throughout each day–that’s a lot of potential damage. But with the high response times of MSSPs you can minimize your losses while saving money for later on down the road.

Bonus: With the MSSP handling incident response, your team will be able to become more proactive as well as getting back to focusing on what really matters–the business and its customers. 

5. Lower total cost of ownership–much less expensive than managing an onsite cybersecurity team

The importance of reducing security costs cannot be overstated. Although some businesses shy away from partnering with an MSSP because they assume it will be too expensive, the reality is that an MSSP can help you save money in the long run. 

Working with an MSSP can eliminate costly personnel and tools while still having access to industry best practices and continuity that will keep everything safe for your business. 

You will be able to reduce: 

  • Recruitment costs
  • Training costs
  • Investment costs
  • Operational costs
  • And more!

6. Increased efficiency and more focus on mission critical tasks

The time-consuming nature of cybersecurity can be a major challenge to deal with. By outsourcing this responsibility, you free up valuable resources so your team isn’t bogged down by the day-to-day, low-level tasks involved in maintaining your security infrastructure but instead they can focus on other key objectives. 

Bonus: Reduced alert fatigue!

7. Managed Security Services Providers can help you improve your risk and compliance posture

A well-run MSSP will help keep your organization compliant with industry regulations and best practices. Compliance doesn’t equal security, both are still very important!

8. Threat intelligence for enhanced protection from advanced cyber threats

Intelligence gathering is a key component in the process of protecting against threats. MSSPs have access to sensitive information that spans across technical, political, unusual, or other areas that may not typically be available to an internal team. This information makes them powerful actors when it comes time for security strategy formulation or decision making.

With improved threat intelligence, your company can have a better understanding of the threat landscape and its risk profile to help protect against cyber threats.

9. Managed Security Services Providers can support scalability across your security operations as your business changes and grows

MSSPs are able to scale their services to meet the changing needs of your business. As your company grows, so too does the scope of your MSSP’s services. Both now and in the future you will have peace of mind knowing the security pros have everything under control!

Final Thoughts

The benefits of using a Managed Security Services Provider are clear, and as your business grows it’s important to have a partner you can rely on for comprehensive security coverage. At Hurricane Labs, we view ourselves as a true partner in our clients’ businesses and are committed to providing the highest level of protection possible. 

Reach out to Hurricane Labs to learn more about how we can help secure your business and protect your data now! 

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