Supercharge your security
with Splunk SOAR

Hurricane Labs helps your team leverage Splunk SOAR capabilities. Most importantly, we empower you to work smart and respond fast.

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With real time response comes better security

Many SOC teams don’t have the manpower to handle repetitive tasks. Fortunately, with Splunk SOAR you gain stronger defenses where Splunk SOAR acts as the nerve center and as the connective tissue. Ultimately, this combination is what you need for security success.

Hurricane Labs has the skills to help streamline your operations. Accordingly, security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) ties your tools together. As a result, your team not only tackles alerts in minutes, but you work better together.

All in all, Splunk SOAR is the way modern security teams win.

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Splunk SOAR Services

Gain the power of Splunk SOAR. For the purpose of strong security, our Splunk SOAR Managed Services bring your security actions together. We make sure everything works as planned. What’s more, you get a full team ready to support your use case. So, whether you have unified or disjointed security is completely up to you!

With this in mind, check out our managed service offerings.

Use case management

We ensure complete success across your platform, which means you get the progress updates you’ve been missing.

Playbook Strategy Icon

Playbook strategy

We codify workflows into playbooks. As a result, you gain the fast results you need to protect your business.

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Custom development

We build apps to power actions across your business. Subsequently, you gain cohesive action for your team.

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24×7 response

We provide superior response time when handling your SOC Tier 1-3 alerts so you can focus on critical tasks.

Ready to get started?

Our team is here to help unify your security program. We have not only the experience, but also the manpower to help you see results. If you choose to work with us, you will see the difference.

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