A comprehensive checklist for windows hardening

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What is hardening?

Hardening involves reducing risk through the identification and remediation of vulnerabilities across the attack surface of a system. A system tends to have more vulnerabilities or a larger attack surface as its complexity or functionality increases. 

Hardening is necessary in a production environment in order to reduce any risk and loss to critical business assets, but it is also a process that can–and often should–be applied everywhere. 

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Windows Hardening Checklist – Free Download

In response to the ever-growing attack surface, our SOC Analyst Cameron Krivanek has put together a list of top recommended Windows hardening techniques you can use to boost your security. Check it out!

Stay secure out there

Windows hardening is a fascinating topic. Not only does it enhance security by reducing risk and vulnerabilities, but hardening covers many different aspects of the operating system. Pro tip: By going through the different components and hardening them, you will gain a more secure system and also a far better understanding of Windows. 

Hopefully this checklist provides a good way to make sure you’re doing the needful with hardening your enterprise systems and staying safe and secure!

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