SPL Tricks: Dealing with Nested Name-Value Pairs in JSON

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JSON is a fantastic logging format and Splunk has built in support for it. However, when dealing with JSON logs, there’s a certain field structure that can be a little tricky to manage:

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The issue here is that Splunk will extract these fields as `name=foo` and `value=bar` by default. I’ve tried a couple different methods to pull specific fields out in the past but now I figured out clean way to extract all of them at once in search.

This method will add fields for all the dictionaries in the list for  the name and value pairs.

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Breaking this down

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Use  `mvzip`  to combine each dictionary into a single field. The delimiter to join by will need to be unique in the values change `:` if needed.

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Use `mvmap` to iterate over the values in the multivalued field and perform a `json_object` operation using the 0 index as the key name and the 1 index as the value.

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Join the new JSON dictionaries into JSON formatted list.

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Use `spath`  to extract the JSON from the new field.

I’ve come across logs like this quite often, and I hope this solution proves useful to others facing the same problem. There are many powerful and creative ways to use `eval` functions and other commands in Splunk. I highly recommend taking the time to dig through the documentation whenever you’re faced with a problem in getting the results you want in Splunk. There’s often a command or technique that will provide the solution you need.

Full Test Search

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