Hurricane Labs Brand Identity Guidelines

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This is the home for Hurricane Labs brand. We have a few easy rules to help you engage with Hurricane Labs brand. Above all, we hope you enjoy getting to know our brand better!

About Us

Hurricane Labs is a Managed Services Provider in Cleveland, Ohio. We treat our customers like we would our own team and share what we know to help others succeed. As a result, customers gain Splunk and security confidence.


We like to keep it real, which means our goal for all brand content is to be:

Firstly, we welcome challenges and we learn by doing. Moreover, we believe failure helps make us better.

We often join forces with others, so we keep our tone relatable, encouraging, and fun.

We have a team full of life-long learners. Above all, we build knowledge so we can help others.

We like to do what makes sense. For instance, we give sensible guidance to those who need it.

Learn more about our story.



The Hurricane Labs brand logo is composed of thoughtful typography. Our logo has the iconic H mark. Accordingly, this mark features the eye of the hurricane-style swooshes.

The typography of our logo captures the energy of a hurricane and conveys our forward-thinking approach.

Lab dog wagging tail

Quick Story! The “Hurricane” in “Hurricane Labs” stands for being a port in the security storm. That is to say, we help people defend their data. There’s a little controversy about the “Labs” part of the phrase. Some people believe it stands for the literal meaning: computer labs. Others think it’s about someone’s adorable pet lab (dog). Either way, it means we work hard, but we also like to have fun.

Our primary logo is dark blue (A). For the purpose of clarity, the white version (b) should be used on dark backgrounds and the black version (C) on light backgrounds.

Okay to use

Not okay to use

unacceptable logo colors

To ensure clear visuals, keep the area around the logo free of elements. To illustrate, clear space is the height of the ‘I’ without the dot on all sides.

Logo spacing

Secondary Logo
Hurricane Labs’ secondary logo can be used to replace the primary mark. This logo is for cases where the full logo is not ideal or where space is limited. For example, the secondary logo can be used when Hurricane Labs will appear in plain text. For example, in social media profile pictures where the name will appear next to it.

Color guidelines for the secondary logo match those of the primary logo above.

Okay to use 

acceptable icon colors

Not okay to use

Unacceptable logo colors

The use of our logo is to build Hurricane Labs brand awareness. Follow these rules to maintain logo integrity. Also, do not modify our logo.

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The main colors of the Hurricane Labs brand are navy and green because these colors communicate safety, prosperity, and growth.

Brand colors


Primary Typeface: Open Sans
Using a sans serif typeface for our primary typeface. This typeface allows for clarity across print and digital media. In addition, it offers different font weights for design hierarchy.

Download Open Sans

Headlines: Calistoga Regular
Using a serifed font for headlines. As a result, humanistic characteristics show in the brand through organic stroke width changes. Historically, these details are based on handwriting.

Download Calistoga

Can’t find something?

The Hurricane Labs brand guidelines make sure our logo, content, and trademarks are ready for use. Can’t find an element, or need help communicating the Hurricane Labs brand? Let us know! In short, we’re glad to help.

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