Learning Cybersecurity: Closing the Skills Gap, Part 2

By |Published On: June 23rd, 2022|

Heather meets with Tom Kopchak to talk about how to prepare organizations for training programs. When organizations invest time to help as their employees are learning cybersecurity, they can create more resilient and secure infrastructures.

The discussion is a nice balance of Heather’s teaching background as well as Tom’s technical knowledge when it comes to helping others as they’re learning cybersecurity. Heather and Tom go in depth about how to set goals for cybersecurity training programs. They also address topics such as the importance of tribal knowledge and using realistic examples to reinforce concepts.

Furthermore, soft skills are important in cybersecurity. So turning learners into teachers will provide an opportunity to practice communicating on a more user friendly level. Tom also makes the point that teaching something is one of the best ways to become better at knowing the material. He reiterates, “Being put in a position where you need be familiar with your topics and share related information forces more depth into understanding than just sitting there trying to digest it.”

Helping others learn cybersecurity is a rewarding experience for both the person teaching as well as those being taught. The depth of knowledge you have can help people become more confident in their abilities, which may lead them on an important path towards successful careers!

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Click here for our podcast episode transcript. 

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